The Start to my fitness Journey

I was always into moving around and enjoying sports. However due to unfortunate events I gave up all the sports I played and lost all interest in being fit. Squandering time gaming and eating wrong led to me being a lousy 17 year old wasting away the best years of my life. Till one day I took a proper look in the mirror and critiqued my body. This was when I joined the gym and my fitness journey of ups and downs began.

The fitness journey

The Fitness Journey & the reason for THYFIT

When I started lifting, I went through long periods in which people advised me in the worst ways possible. With trainers who didn't know anything about the gym or fitness trying to guide me, no one had ever talked to me about how important diet was when looking to change your body and getting fit. I decided to look up the internet on what I was doing wrong. This is when my research on fitness and getting a better body began. I left the gym and centered my attention on just studying fitness for 6 long months, focusing on; how to lift, what to eat, what program to follow and etc.Moreover, also taking the time to talk and interact with qualified pundits in the field gave me a proper understanding of the human physique. This is a blog for people so they waste less time wandering about and actually benefit from the knowledge that I have attained through experience and research.


Fitness Help

Feel free to Email your transformation story or for help to start your very own Fitness Journey.