What is the Best time to workout ?

Here's an issue that I faced and most people have it to. Every fitness enthusiast wants to know whats the best time to workout ? Obviously everyone wants the best for their body and want to see results quick. So today we break this problem down and look at what really is the best time to get optimal results. Is it in the morning before you eat and after you meditate, or is it the last thing you should do before you sleep ? Lets find out...

Is the best time to workout, in the morning ?

Working out in the morning is great. It boosts metabolism and has you active for throughout the day. Moreover, you have the whole day to feed yourself with food and more protein. This will definitely help in protein synthesis and further improve muscle growth. Moreover, its early morning and it's a great way to start your day and wake you up the right way. By lifting weights first thing in the morning, you're sure to be productive throughout the day.

However, the downside is, as it's the first thing in the morning you don't have a lot of energy.You may not be able to lift as heavy as you would later on in the day. Hence your strength gains won't be optimal. Also as soon as you work out, you still have a whole day of kick ass work and heavy chores. This may not give your body enough time to recover. So is the best time to workout, at night ?

Best time to workout; morning

So should you worout at night ?

I mean, why not ? You have the energy from throughout the day. You can stuff up on food and go workout. Furthermore, after you workout, all you'll do is sleep which means more muscle recovery. So, you're getting the best of both worlds, you'll be lifting more weights and your muscle growth would be optimal as you'll let them recover as soon as you work them out. Right ?

Not really, the thing about working out at night is, most people lose motivation. If you have a bad day or a tiring one, the last thing you'd want to do is go workout. Further-more, it isn't guaranteed that you'll left more weight than you would in the morning as you maybe drained by the end of the night. In-fact most people who work out at night are more likely to give up on fitness as they lose motivation.

best workout time; night

Then when exactly do I workout ?

It's simple. Do it when you want. There is no fixed time that's best for everyone who is wanting to get fit. If there was then the gyms would be empty all day except at that particular hour. The best time to workout is the time that fits your schedule. It isn't important when you workout. But it is very important to workout consistently. So choose a time when you can enjoy going to the gym. When it fits your schedule without the hassle. You may even workout at different times everyday and that is okay as long as you're working out consistently.

I personally go the gym at the night because that way I'm done with everything I have to do which is important. Then the last thing I do is bang some weights after a good dinner meal. Take a shower and sleep well. But what if working out at night isn't for you and you feel lousy and tired. Then do it at any time you absolutely like. Eat the right diet. Sleep 7-9 hours. And trust me you'll see optimal results if you've been working out consistently. Stay aesthetic and stay safe.

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