The “BEST” diet to lose weight

Okay, lets do this. Lets cut the non sense and bust them myths. Here at ThyFit we give you the truth. There's NO set diet to lose weight which may be considered to be the 'best'. However, don't lose hope yet. The technique to lose fatĀ is way less complicated than you thinkĀ  and so much more fun.

Diet to lose weight ?(fitness diet)

The Good News !

What if I told you, you can eat whatever you like but you'll still lose weight? And not just weight, you'll lose fat which should be the goal for any person in the fitness game. Yes, it's true. Though, the key is moderation. Eating what ever you enjoy with restraint will lead to your goal. Now, this restraint is to track your calories. This isn't close to as complicated as people think it is. Tracking not just your calories but also your macros is as simple as using instagram on your phone. Heres how in two simple steps:

Step 1 is to customize your diet to lose weight

Download the myfitnesspal app; link for apple & link for android. This app, as its name says will be your partner in your fat loss journey. It'll get you through the hard part of fitness and make what you should eat or shouldn't eat far more simple. It'll literally spoon feed you to a better physique. All you have to do is put in your height, weight and your goal (lose fat, maintain or gain muscle). The app will then tell you how many calories you need to consume everyday, then before every meal you just put down what you're eating into the app and it'll calculate the calories for you. Isn't that easy. Be consistent and trust me this app is a major hack.

Step 2 is to stick with it

Here's a little tip to stay consistent with your diet to lose weight. Eat the same things everyday. It'll be far more easy for you to stick with the diet; if you record what you're eating one day, then see if fits your caloric goal. If it does, then you can eat the same foods everyday and only change or experiment with a few snacks so it doesn't get completely boring. Not only will this save you time as you'll not have to add new foods on the app all the time, but it'll also get you in a routine of eating the right foods and will be cheaper on your wallet.

I know this sounds bland but if you moderate the diet with foods you like and still keep it under the caloric limit, it'll feel way less dull than all those keto diets you were willing to try. Moreover, just remember it's for the greater good of your body.

woman eating getting her diet

Although, diet is most definitely important, yet what is equally important is working out. If you're not working out or exercising, you may lose a ton of weight by eating very less calories. However, your body will not only be deprived of important nutrients but it'll be inactive and unfit. That isn't the target. The target is to achieve a fit and healthy looking body which elevates your confidence. So if you haven't got a gym membership yet, pair your customized diet with the best home workout plan for any level of fitness enthusiast and see optimal fat loss results.

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