5 common fitness mistakes that beginners make

People make mistakes all the time. In-fact we are all the products of our mistakes. However, mistakes in fitness and the gym can not only lead to poor growth but can seriously increase chances of injury. Let's go through the most common mistakes that you may have made when you got started with your fitness journey, but wont anymore.


1) Having the wrong goals or motivation is an overlooked fitness mistake

It's very important to have the right goals when you get started of. Poor ones lead to people falling of the fitness train rather quickly. A motivation that maybe because another friend has started working out or by looking at someone online is'nt strong enough. Nevertheless a motivation like getting a better body to be the strongest version of yourself, to attain confidence or to have a better looking body to have people attratced to you(get girls) can be regarded as unassailable. Every time you'll feel down, you can easily remind yourself why you started. A powerful motivation or the right goal will always get you back on track.

fitness motivation

2) Not putting in the effort to research about what is wrong

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the better you get. Not looking up what's right or wrong is a serious fitness mistake which most beginners make. This leads to people taking the wrong and unnecessary supplements, or doing the wrong exercises. It may also mean doing the right exercises with poor form which in-turn means a risk for injuries, below optimal growth and an ugly body. Injuries may further prevent you from training at all. So take the time to go through the internet and this site which will guide you to your best physique.

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3) Not progressively overloading is a grave fitness mistake

Progressive overloading should be the most significant part of anyone's training regime. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is what fitness & gym is all about. Whether; its increasing weight, increasing reps or shortening rest time. Its truly important to always look to improve. The only way to get results and make your body grow is to increase the load you put on it. By changing stimulus you make your body adapt, hence making you stronger and better looking.

4) Not focusing on the right fitness diet

Abs are made in the kitchen. This isn't just a lame quote but is unfortunately very true. Not just abs but your whole body reflects what you eat. If you're eating the right foods and putting in the right amount of calories and macros, your body will show growth and an increase in muscle. You can't expect to only workout and see change, there may be a little but not close to how much you can achieve if you're eating the proper diet. For optimal results feed your body the right fuel for your goal. You may want to lose fat or gain muscle, eat accordingly and you will achieve. To make a customized dieting plan to cut fat just click the link and be surprised.

diet for gains in less time

5) Giving up early because of no immediate results

This should come as a no brainier, yet I see so many people make this mistake. Lets get this straight, getting fit isn't for those who give up. You may have many set backs and failures. You may not see results or hit plateaus but there's a reason fitness is a journey. Staying consistent and always moving forward through the disappointments is the beauty behind the game. Not seeing results after a month of working out shouldn't put you down. Stay consistent, eat right and your body will show results.

fitness motivation

Avoid them fitness mistakes and smash the gym. Don't and you'll be hindering your progress. Moreover, if you're a beginner looking to experiment with a unique home workout plan we've got just the one you need. Stay safe.

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