4 Gym exercises to avoid at all costs.

Going to the gym is a great way to change your body and become a fitter individual. However, there are some gym exercises to avoid, that are extremely dangerous and may cause serious injuries. These exercises are very common and most unaware fitness trainers recommend them also. It's very important to have knowledge about what is wrong in the gym so you don't end up doing it. These exercises may look cool, but trust me they don't build muscle in a safe way, and in-fact some of them don't build muscle at all. No matter what they are a serious waste of time...

pain caused by gym exercises to avoid

The first of 4 Gym exercises to avoid; is a collection of exercises where you push or pull a load behind your head

If you're doing lat pull downs or shoulder presses then good on you. However, if you're doing them behind your head then you have a serious problem to fix. Doing both these exercises behind your head, puts your shoulders in a very bad externally rotated position. Most people don't have the shoulder mobility to cope to this and end up injuring themselves sooner rather than later. Moreover, you can't even lift as much weight behind the head as you would if you do them in front. This means you lift less weight for the same reps, hence lose out on muscle mass that you could've built.

Although, doing an exercise behind the head looks bad ass, but honestly its very uncool to injure yourself doing a stupid & invaluable exercise.

Another deadly one of the gym exercises to avoid for your shoulder is the Upright row

This exercise once again puts your shoulders in a very dangerous position. Your shoulders again externally rotate and with most people they don't have the mobility for it. Moreover, the exercise is done with a close grip which further elevates risk of injury in your wrists. Hence, to avoid a shoulder or wrist injury avoid this exercise. There are many other, better exercises for your shoulders like; arnold presses and handstand push-ups.

If however, you still choose to give this exercise a try please do it with a wide grip. This significantly reduces risk of injury.

Exercise to avoid; upright rows

Good Mornings; another exercise which should be a no no.

Contrary to the name, this exercise will make sure you wake up with back pain and injuries making your mornings rather bad. To avoid them bad mornings, skip this exercise altogether. They put your spine in a very vulnerable and a bad position it isn't meant to be in. Spinal injuries are always very serious. So avoid them Good mornings at all cost. It isn't a bad exercise however, most people don't have the thoracic extension to do this exercise properly.

So if you most probably cant do it right, then why do it at all.

The dreadful ab machines

This one isn't basically one exercise. But its the complete package of ab machines found in gyms. All them ab machines are a waste of metal. Firstly they all have a fixed range of motion, and your abs or any other muscle isn't supposed to function in a fixed range of motion. Secondly, most of them put a lot of load on your back than your abs making them dangerous. Further-more, there isn't a proper option of progressively overloading.

Using free weights to train your abs. Alongside exercises that have a larger range of motion to stretch you abs fully, is the right way to go.

Here's the list of exercises to avoid at all costs. Plus, make sure you don't make these beginner mistakes either. There are other exercises that also belong to the fitness graveyard, like the leg extensions and need to be swapped with other better exercises. Get aesthetic and stay safe...

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