The Gym is overrated ?

Apparently according to people on the internet, the gym is overrated. According to Buzzfeed "gym is a waste of time". So many more articles claiming the gym is a waste of your money. No one wants to waste their money. Therefore, never get a gym membership and consider "the world as your gym" instead. That sounds great to the ears, but unfortunately that's not how fitness works. You don't get strong by listening to and reading stuff which may sound cool. So is the gym really overrated ?

gym is overrated ?

Why people are lead to believe the gym is overrated

The most frequently given reasons on why the gym is overrated are;

  • It takes money for exercise, when you can workout for free outside.
  • It takes up time away from your loved ones.
  • Injuries.
  • If the gym is closed, people don't workout.

None of those reasons are valid. They are just opinions originated from people with close to 0 work ethic. I'm sorry if this comes of rude. People who claim, an easy going walk with their kids is a workout, should have some sense slapped into them. Although, it's quality time with your family, it isn't going to help you get any fitter. I'm not saying that you need to grind out hard, rigorous session everyday. However, if you're trying to achieve a good looking physique, a walk just isn't going to cut it.

Gym memberships cost less than, treatments for your poor health

Firstly, yes a gym membership costs money. And yes you can workout for free outside. Do calisthenics or take up a sport. But not everyone has the perfect weather to workout outside. I lived in Dubai, where the temperature goes up to 50 degree Celsius. If I'm working out a hard session out in that heat, I'll probably be dehydrated before I can get 1 push up in.

Moreover, Calisthenic movements are very hard to progress in. It takes about a month of work till you can get your first pull up. A person just starting of with fitness won't usually have the patience to wait that long. The world maybe your gym, but trust me it isn't for everyone. Gym memberships don't cost close to as much as people make you believe. They are def worth more than the money you spend if used properly.

Secondly, it doesn't take much time out of your day at all. Unless you're doing 2 hour long sessions, which are useless for any average person. A 40 minute session of smashing the gym with proper rest time is more than enough. Now if you're going to come at me saying you don't have 40 minutes, then don't give me your sh*t. Because people who actually want to get better physically and mentally make time for their health. You can't be eating pastries with your kids around you and expect to get fit. If you care about your loved ones, then work out. Take care of your health to spend more time with them.

Hence, injuries are the reason why the gym is overrated ?

Yes, people who go to the gym, have the tendency to get injured. It's true. But people get injured more often when they take up other fitness activities. It's true. Compared to most sports, gym users don't get injured as much. If gym exercises are doneΒ  with proper form and after proper mobility work, its a guarantee you wont end up injured. Just remember to stretch it out. Usually muscles tend to tighten up and it's very important to get those tight muscles taken care of. It's simple, you need to work on your body to have a better one. Sometimes it may take some effort however, the results are def worth it.

Lastly, people who tend to not workout when the gym is closed understand it's not a major issue. The gym is closed probably 15 days in a year on public holidays. If a person isn't working out for 15 days in a year (excluding his rest days), there isn't a problem. In-fact it'll actually help the person get more motivated to hit the gym.It'll also help him/her recover better. Sometimes you need a break from something to realize how fun, or important that thing is.

If you think about it, the gym is actually underrated. It doesn't get enough credit and very few actually promote a healthier lifestyle. People who say the gym is overrated, and should be avoided, are doing more harm than good. They fail to realize its that mentality which leads to people having unfit and unhealthy lives. It even leads to people giving up on fitness. Don't give me the "if you eat right you'll be fit" non-sense. Diet without working out won't do anything. Stay aesthetic and stay safe.

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