Handstand Pushups; the perfect exercise for big shoulders

The handstand pushups are like a cheat code to bigger, much stronger shoulders. Not only is it a safe exercise if done correctly. But is so very effective that you'll start seeing results within a couple of weeks after you start practicing them regularly. However, it is a tough exercise to master. Which is why, many give up even before they give the exercise a proper chance. Here at ThyFit, we give you all the resources that'll help you and make things as simple as they can be. Just follow along to perform perfect handstand pushups.

handstand pushups

The first step to handstand pushups

The first step for any workout let alone handstand pushups is warming up. In this case we warm up our wrists, shoulders and little bit of our back. The stress a handstand will have on your wrists is massive. Hence, it's always smart to have them properly warmed up before starting of. (Pro tip: Warm up your wrists before any kind of pushing movement to avoid injury.)

shoulder for handstand

Now we move to the progressions to a proper handstand pushup.

So you start of by doing pike pushups. The pike pushups are a phenomenal exercise by themselves, as they also target the shoulders intensely. After you can perform 10 good reps of the pike pushups, you move onto the elevated pike pushups. You use a bench and elevate yourself by putting your feet on it, then perform the regular pike pushups. This is an easier progression if you can perform the regular pike pusups and won't take a lot of time to master. Once you're good with the elevated pike pushups you then move onto the handstand pushups. But for now you use the wall as a support. This can be practiced alongside the pike pushups or after you've mastered the pike pushups. However, this is a much harder progression and it'll take you a bit of time to master.

Once this is mastered, you'll be confident and ready enough to perform proper handstand pushups.This is not only cool to flex with, but a proper shoulder exercise which will give you them Arnold shoulders.

So in steps:

  1. Pike Pushups
  2. Elevated Pike Pushups
  3. Handstand pushups with wall as a support
  4. Hand stand pushup

Some extra tips to prevent injury

Remember to keep your elbows in close to your body so to prevent extra stress on the shoulder joints. Its the muscle we want to work and not the joint we want to destroy. You should keep your elbows as close to your body as possible in any sort of pushing movement. The best way to do this is by retracting your shoulder blades. 

Moreover, make sure you never arch your back while performing the handstand pushups. The best way to make sure you aren't doing this is by making someone film you while you do the wall supported handstand pushups and the normal ones.

handstand fitness

I can guarantee, if you perform this exercise the right way, you'll see huge results. I've tried it first hand and so has my brother and trust me when I say this; within weeks our shoulders look so much boulder. It was as if we were on steroids or something. Furthermore, if you're a beginner looking to start your fitness journey from your home or an advanced level fitness enthusiast looking to add a home workout around the handstand pushup; we have the best home workout plan there is. Give it a try yourself and you wont regret it. Stay safe and look aesthetic.

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