Instagram Fitness influencers & how they’re killing fitness.

Health and fitness needs to grow. Not many people are aware of how important their health is. How necessary fitness is for them to live a long problem free life. Hence the word of fitness needs to grow. Incomes Instagram fitness. Everyone would think here's another way to reach out to a huge audience. While part of that is true however, Instagram influencers may have just crossed the line to in-fact kill fitness altogether.


Too much of anything is bad

Yes, Instagram may allow you to reach out to a larger audience, however it's the way the algorithm works which ruins Instagram fitness. The way it works is that user engagement is vital. With You-tube for example, you could upload a video every 2-4 days and be fine reaching out to people if your content is nice. Then You-tube gives you money for your videos through ad revenues.

But with Instagram, there's no money directly from the app itself. An Instagram influencer, is approached by companies outside which want their products advertised. However, this only happens when your insta account is doing well. You need to be using insta all the time. Posting stories, making posts, replying to comments and staying active all the time to stay on top in the insta world.

Now when you're posting all the time, you eventually run out of content. This is where the Instagram fitness problem arises. When you have no more content to post you either die out, or start innovating. Innovation in fitness is not always the right thing to do and may have detrimental effects. These new innovated exercises posted by Instagram influencers can have really bad and life threatening risks.

How fitness dies.

As mentioned above, these new exercises maybe hazardous themselves. Moreover, the influencers hardly ever let you know at what level of your fitness journey can you perform those exercises safely, also no safe way or pointers are given. Hardly ever are their the number of sets and reps provided. This may result in a beginner trying to do a workout which looks cool, but isn't capable of doing it, instead injures him/herself. Then ends up giving up on fitness completely. This is way more common than you think.

Here are reasons why people give up on fitness and injuries are another addition to the list. You'll be better of sticking to all the traditional exercises with proper form than following these trash influencers unto a very dangerous road.

death of fitness

Not all Instagram fitness accounts are bad

Yes, it's true Instagram influencers are slowly killing of fitness however, not all are bad. In-fact accounts like scotthermanfitness, provide great content. Him and accounts similar to his, which give great information and proper ways to train are fighting an up-hill battle against these Instagram fitness influencers.

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