The most effective gym exercises

People often walk into the gym clueless. They try a billion exercises, some compound while others isolation. But most people work around the most effective gym exercises, not even knowing how great they are. In-fact they are so good, you don't even need other exercises in your routine if you're doing these. So if your short on time make sure your just doing these exercises and it'll be enough. Obviously adding exercises around these will always have benefits.

First of the most effective gym exercises is the SQUAT

most effective gym exercise back squat

There's a reason the squat is known as the "King of all exercises." It's probably the most effective gym exercise out there. Look at the guys face. You can clearly see the work he's putting in for just 1 rep of this exercise. It uses most muscles in your body compared to any other exercise. Moreover, it releases the most amount of testosterone in your body helping your muscles recover better. And obviously, the fact that you build better legs is a plus. Hence, I don't care what type of squat you are dong, if you're doing it right with proper form.

The Deadlift is huge and shows unreal results

If the squat is the king, the deadlift isn't far behind. It works your posterior chain better than any other exercise, moreover it adds strength to your body. The kind of strength that makes you go I can f***ing lift a truck now. Improves posture, adds mass to your back and legs. Oh and yes makes you look hella aesthetic. Do it with proper form with heavy weight and you can take over the world.

most effective exercise deadlift

Pull ups, Chin ups or why not both

Pull ups and chin ups are both wonderful exercises for your back and bicep. The chin up puts more emphasis on the biceps than the pull ups however, pull- ups give you amazing lats. Both add to back width and mass. Hence in my opinion both should be part of your routine on different days. Both pull ups and chin ups also allow to overload massively in terms of reps and weight which is yet another reason why they are so incredible.

pull ups

Heavy bench press is the most effective gym exercise for your chest

You may want to use an incline, or flat. Both are unreal. Which is why they are the favorite to build a stronger more defined chest. There are so many ways you can do them too. I personally like doing them with dumbbells better, as they make me feel safer, However, if you want to add more strength then the bar is the way to go. Just make sure you have someone to spot you when you're going really heavy.

most effective execise bench press

Lastly the most effective gym exercise is the overhead press

It maybe called the military press, overhead press or shoulder press. I don't care what you call it, as long as you're pushing a heavy load above your head in a safe manner. This can be done with the bar or the dumbbells, but like the bench press if you want to increase strength, then you'll be better of with the bar. Try going heavy as this will give you the ball like shoulders for an aesthetic physique.

over head press

These are the best exercises out there, and if you notice they do a great job at working your whole body. You can always add isolation exercises around these to add to muscle hypertrophy. however these exercises are vital and should be done at any cost for amazing results. Here is a workout routine that perfectly compliments these exercises. Stay fit and stay aesthetic.

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