6 most underrated workouts (Guaranteed results)

I've seen people waste time doing absolutely garbage exercises, that have only negative effects. However, there are workouts which are actually beneficial and show guaranteed results being completely ignored. Today we talk about 6 of such underrated workouts, which most probably you haven't heard about or haven't tried.

The first of the underrated workouts would be; Above the knee rack pulls

This is my new favorite exercise. I discovered this workout very recently. But ever since my traps have shown crazy results. This exercise properly overloads your traps, and is so much better than the shrugs. For 2 years I kept looking and trying different kind of shrugs and different exercises for bigger traps. However, nothing worked as good as this and here's why.

Secondly, the stair master is also a highly underrated workout

Now this machine is the best machine in the gym. It's sad to see so many guys ignore this machine completely because it looks too girly. No machine in the gym works as many muscles as this one. Your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves all get absolutely slaughtered. Moreover, it burns the most calories among all other cardio machines. Here's how to properly incorporate the stair master machine and how to use it right.

People who want abs to show have to try the weighted crunches;

Abs are like any other muscle. And how do muscles grow? By overloading them with weights. Hence, you need to progressively overload your abs with any kind of exercise you do. Do the knee raise by adding weight using dumbbells. Moreover, use plates or dumbbells doing crunches. It'll be even better to use weights doing crunches on a decline bench or using a stability ball as this increases range of motion training abs better.

underrated workout for abs

Face pulls and other underrated workouts for rear delts.

Now this isn't just one workout. Any exercise which works your rear delts is underrated. People don't really understand how important training the rear of your shoulder is. Not only does it add a more aesthetic, proportional look but it also aids in stronger shoulders. Isolation exercises for your rear delt are actually more important than training your front delt. As front delts are already worked during chest exercises. Face pulls should be a staple exercise for training your shoulders appropriately.

underrated workout for rear delts

Hip thrusts

Okay, ladies, hats off to you guys for using this exercise consistently, and no wonder you guys get that dream booty quicker than most guys. Guys, who cares what people think. If you want firm aesthetic glutes and you aren't doing them hip thrusts, I've got news for you. It'll legit take you years. The hip thrust increases strength, improves posture, helps you for a stronger back and gives you an amazing looking butt. There's no reason why you should avoid this exercise. An amazing workout which is slandered just because it looks weird; it's just sad.

The last but not the least; Bulgarian split squats

There are a ton of great squat exercises that are very underrated like the goblet squat however, the Bulgarian split squat is very usually under valued. This exercise is amazing for all people. Whether you are coming back from an injury or are looking to establish proportionality between two legs, this is the way to go. Moreover, this exercise helps to show the tear drop muscle which looks amazing and adds to the aesthetic of great legs. The exercise helps grow your quads as well as works out your muscle and glutes. Here are different types of squats that you should definitely make part of your workout routine.

underrated workout for legs

These are 6 out of many highly underrated workouts. However, every one of these exercises I've tried and I can guarantee these exercise show you results. They make you a stronger and better looking individual. Stay safe and stay aesthetic.

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