Why muscles ache after a workout?

So it's the first time you've worked out, after a long time. You absolutely smash every rep of every set and feel like a boss. You feel like a living superhero till you go to sleep and wake up the next morning. That's when it gets you. Your body is all stiff and you feel like every muscle in your body is breaking down. However, you understand "no pain, no gain" and stay strong. But exactly why muscles ache after a workout ?

muscles ache

To understand why muscles ache after a workout, we need to understand how the workout effects the muscles?

Now, I'm not going to bore you with all the scientific terms and procedures that the muscles go through. To sum up,when muscles are put under intense and heavy loads they, are made to work out of their comfort zones. This tears up micro fibers in the muscles. So it's like the muscle is broken down. Now when the muscle recovers the torn muscle fibers are repaired by producing more muscle. This extra muscle fibers fill up the tears making the who muscle bigger and stronger.

This is how your body adapts to change and excessive load. It's pretty amazing actually, it's like sculpting a show price but in this case you're ding it to your body. This is also why progressive overload is important.

So what causes the soreness and pain?

As mentioned above the muscle fibers are torn up when the muscle is worked. Hence, this results in the pain and soreness of the muscle when your muscle starts to recover. It's these tears that cause the pain but as the saying goes it also gives you the gains. However, over time you stop getting as sore after a workout, if you keep working out consistently. Now this makes people think they aren't working hard enough. However, is this really the case ?

Not really, in-fact it couldn't be further from the truth. It's a myth that you should always be sore after a workout. But soreness has no correlation with muscle growth but the overload of weight does. Now you may be thinking, if overload of weight cause tearing up muscle, and the torn muscle causes the soreness. Then soreness is responsible for muscle growth. No, because overtime, your body develops and adapts to the muscle fibers tearing. It gets to the point where your muscles don't feel the pain of those micro tears, as your body gets used to this pain. This is another reason why you should work out consistently.

Keep progressing and use this routine to help you out. Stay safe and stay aesthetic.

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