The Push Pull Legs 6 Day Split (Guaranteed Results)

Whether you are a beginner just getting into fitness, or an individual with years of experience, who's just got through a long cycle. Choosing a workout split is always confusing, especially now. With so many splits hovering about, and so many studies supporting one split over another. As of now with experience, I could bet my life on the fact that I've seen most results when I've tried the push pull legs 6 day split.

I noticed whenever, I've tried a push pull legs cycle, I've grown the most and have pushed through plateaus rather easily. Not only I, but clients I've trained have also seemed to respond most to the push pull legs split.

The Common misconception about push pull legs

misconception about push pull legs

It's a common belief that push pull legs is a 6 day split. Hence people who have busier schedule and don't go to the gym everyday can't benefit from the split. This couldn't be further from the truth. Push pull legs is a way of training that can be molded as you like and is a very flexible routine. People going to the gym 3 times a week like beginners, can spread the push pull legs over three days. Similarly, people going to the gym for 5 days can do 3 days of push pull legs, and repeat the push and pull days for the other 2 days. This split is for everyone to try and it only depends on how you fit it into your schedule. You'll see results, not as much if you'd be training 6 days but then again it's the case with most routines.

Why the Push Pull Legs 6 day split is so effective

Recovery, is crucial. It works like magic work your muscles. Muscle fibers need to repair themselves after you micro tear them in the gym. When they repair, muscles are made bigger and stronger. However, it is also proven by studies, that if you want to see optimal hypertrophy and strength results, you need to be training your muscles at-least twice a week.

With Push Pull Legs 6 day split, you do both. You train your muscles twice a week and you give each muscle enough time to repair before you hit it again. Alongside that, there's an added benefit of not over-training your muscle in one gym session. Remember a gym session shouldn't last more than an hour and fifteen minutes.

The main motive behind push pull legs is to train muscles that function rather alongside each other on the same day. Like the push muscles which include shoulders, triceps and chest are worked together while your back and biceps are worked on the pull day. Your legs are a massive half of your body hence they get their own day.


push ups

The push pull legs 6 day Split:

Day 1 Push Strength:

Day 2 Pull Strength

Day 3 Legs 

Day 4 Push Hypertrophy

Day 5 Pull Hypertrophy

Day 6 Legs


Some crucial details about the above depicted routine;

All the exercises with 5 sets and 3-5 reps are for strength purposes. Lift as much weight as you can and always look to progressive overload. Moreover, feel free to adjust the sets according to how busy you are and how much time you have. Never miss out on the major lifts like dead lift, squat and bench press. You should follow this routine for at least 8-12 weeks with consistency to see optimal changes.

pull exercise

By following this routine consistently, I saw my personal best come out at the gym. My physique responded very well to the fore mentioned split and I'm sure yours will too. If however, you're still not satisfied, give a try to the best home workout plan there is.  Also, check out how fitness will change your life forever and refine your confidence. Stay healthy and be aesthetic.

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