The Stair Master

One of the most overlooked machines in the gym is the stair master. It hurts me to say, that I thought the stair master was a girly machine till I tried it. I regret the fact that I didn't start using it earlier. It's a shame that people don't give enough respect to one of the machines that can legit work you the hardest. It proves as a complete workout for your whole lower Body.

Why the stair master is great ?

The Stair master has various benefits. Moreover, the fact that it can be used in so many ways to absolutely kill your legs is unreal. Although, it helps put muscle, it's also the best cardio machine in the gym alongside the rowing machine. It easily trumps the treadmill, elliptical, the cycle and all the other machines you may find. If you use the stair master in it's traditional way, it's proven to burn more calories than all the fore mentioned machines. Further-more, the stair master works your whole lower body including all major muscle like; the hamstring, quads, glutes and calves.

Which means it'll not only give you a flatter stomach but also very desirable legs with that nice aesthetic and proportional look.

climbing stair

How to use the machine ?

There are many ways people use the stair master. All however, are just effective ways to climb stairs to benefit your health and muscles. To start, we shall use it the traditional way that everyone climbs stairs. Keep your head up. Chest out and back straight. Use the machine with moderate speed that isn't too easy for you but doesn't have you sweating in the first minute. Remember the goal is to exhaust yourself by getting your heart to beat fast alongside completely working out your leg muscles and exhausting them.

Hence we put it on a decent pace and start climbing. Try to go 5-10 minutes without stopping after which you take a break of 1-2 minutes. Repeat again after the break and do 3 sets of this workout. By the end of it you'll be completely exhausted and if done right you don't have to do anymore leg hypertrophy work in the gym. The stair master alone is a good enough workout for your legs to be worked out for muscle gain. As it works the entire portion of your legs including your calves. It's a complete workout and not just one exercise.

However, do remember to never lean forward and make sure you never grab the side support because that can cause the workout to not be optimal enough. If you feel fatigues the better option would be to decrease the pace of the machine rather than taking support on the railingĀ  beside. If you're still not sure how to use the machine check this out. You can always pair up your different types of squats, with the stair master to increase your strength and muscle definition even more. Stay aesthetic and stay healthy.


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