The different types of squats, and their advantages.

There are various types of squats and each one comes with its own benefits. Squats though do have the capability to build muscle in more than just your legs and in-turn make muscle recovery and growth better for muscles not directly involved. There's a reason why squats are the undisputed king of all exercises.

With so many different variations and so many ways to add strength and muscle hypertrophy. Lets look at 4 of the best squat exercises that may give you the best result for your respected goal and physique.

The 4 Best types of squats

The list I personally believe of the best squat exercises consists of;

  • Back Squat
  • Front Squat
  • Bulgarian Split squats
  • Pistol Squats

However, before we move onto the list there are some honorable mentions that deserve some credit;

  • Goblet Squats: These are great for perfecting squat form and/or if you're coming back from an injury. It allows you to lift weights while squatting in a much safer way hence making it better than normal body weight squats.
  • Sissy Squats: The name may sound funny, but the grueling nature of these really challenge a person to stay upright. They generally target your calves alongside your glutes and are a perfect finisher for your leg workout.

The Back Squat

most effective gym exercise back squat

The back squat is the traditional weight lifting exercise and the most common one too. It's a compound lift like most other squat variations and focuses on most of your body. Your legs are worked the most with focus being glutes, hamstring and quads. It's a great exercise to build strength in your lower body, plus it works your core and your back. It releases large amount of testosterone which in-turn helps in muscle recovery. You can lift the most amount of weight using a low bar squat than any other form of squat which means its the greatest exercise for increasing power and strength.

However most people perform it wrong and end up in the hospital. So learn how to do it right and then get under the bar.

The Front Squat

types of squats; front squat

The front squat is another barbell exercise. Again, it's great for hypertrophy and strength and is very similar to the back squat in that aspect. However, The front squat is more quad focused than the back squat. Moreover, you cant lift as much weight as the back squat but it makes your quads and core work like crazy. It's also a safer option than the back squat as you're in a less vulnerable position while performing it.

If your looking for increasing quad size then front squat is the way to go. But it should also be done correctly. Here's how to.

Bulgarian Split Squat

The BGS is a single leg exercise which is more of an isolation exercise for your quads and hamstrings. Nevertheless, the exercise works your stabilizer muscles and is a great option to get bigger legs safely but effectively. The only downside is it doesn't work your strength however, it does help in making a a better athlete and seriously works your explosive power.

It also works on making your legs symmetrical. As both legs lift the same weight for same reps. This may not be the case with a barbell squat as one leg maybe more dominant. It's a difficult exercise to perfect but once done correctly it sure will be a grueling workout.

Pistol Squats

Types of squats: Pistol squat

This is an extremely difficult body weight exercise that works your legs and core like none other. It increases strength and flexibility but they must be done right and effectively. There are certain progressions that can help you to perform the perfect pistol squat. These can also be added to your home workout. They can be done anywhere and are so effective in making you an over all better athlete.

Add at-least 2 of these types of squats to your routine and you'll literally need nothing else for leg hypertrophy and strength. They can legit get you bigger legs in a matter of months. Moreover, the big squat lifts like the front and back ones help in muscle recovery giving you an overall better physique. Here's a way to incorporate squat exercises in your routine perfectly well. Stay safe. Get aesthetic.

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