Is weight training good for females ?

Lifting weights, is a harsh form of fitness. It demands sacrifice and intense strength. But does that mean weight training isn't good for females? Do women who lift weight necessarily gain a lot of mass and look bulky? Do they really lose all their estrogen and testosterone fills them completely, making them "too manly"?

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Lifting weights doesn't change women into men!

When any individual trains by lifting heavy weights, they move and strive towards a particular goal. They target a distinct physique and then they train accordingly to achieve it. For example; a power lifter trains to lift as much weight as possible, he/she strength train and in order to achieve their goals they may gain a lot of muscle mass alongside fat because of the food they eat to facilitate moving such heavy loads. Now take a body builder, he/she strive to add hypertrophy work alongside their strength training. They go through regular cutting and bulking cycles and stay rather lean throughout the year.

When a woman lifts weight, it makes her stronger. As she progressively overloads, she breaks out of her comfort zone and strive to be better each time she performs an exercise. This makes a woman mentally more challenging and confident. That in itself is big enough reason for a woman in today's time to train. As a woman becomes stronger she has a sense of security as she can then take care of herself better. Not to mention a woman's body starts to feel better, endorphins are released by your brain that make you happier, proud and more satisfied after a session of weight training. Furthermore, there's also the bonus that you look sexier. Your body looks fuller and more attractive.

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There are massive benefits for women when they lift heavy(proven by research)

  • There's a decrease in the risk of Osteoporosis: Weight training can elevate bone mineral density. Add calcium and this would be a womans greatest line of defense against osteoporosis.
  • Reduced risk of diabetes: Proven by science, lifting weights improves the way your body processes sugar.
  • Your mental health will improve: As mentioned above, weight training releases endorphins that in-turn make you happier. Moreover, looking better in the mirror always helps.

Alongside the above depicted list of health benefits, you should know; women have no where close the amount of testosterone as men. Hence a woman doesn't gain crazy amount of size, instead her muscles develop to become stronger and leaner. Plus, women lose a lot more body fat, in-fact Studies have shown that females who weight train at-least twice a week for two months will lose 3.5 pounds of fat.

So is weight training good for females ?

To simply answer the question and conclude; yes. Weight training is so beneficial for women, which is why it's now becoming more common. It's a wide spread idea for women to weight train. It's actually pleasing to see women shift from less optimal methods of training to lifting weights. Remember an aesthetic and strong physique is everyone's right. It's wrong for women to believe in myths and stay away from something so instrumental. f you're a woman thinking of giving the gym a go, make sure you avoid these beginner mistakes for great results.Stay safe.

types of squats; front squat

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